Charitable organization "International Charitable Foundation" Traditions and Future"

Every good deed carries a reward in itself.
                                                                                                             A. Dumas



 Help is a step towards goodness and light.  Everyone who receives support thanks the benefactor.  He who helps receives the light and warmth that dwell in his soul.  Each of the participants in the process wins in their own way.  After all, good deeds are the miracles that keep our world going.  The International Charitable Foundation "Traditions and Future" was officially registered for them on February 5, 2021. Although the founders and volunteers hold various events and implement various activities since 2017. The team of the CO “ICF "Traditions and Future" adheres to the opinion  that spiritually poor nations are not able to become materially rich, we are working to make Ukraine better, because we have to start with ourselves!


Foundation founders:
  • Chebotarov Ivan
  • Goldenberg Michail
  • Pospelov Alexey
  • Bikov Samuel

The purpose of the CO “ ICF "Traditions and Future"

Implementation of various public events and programs.  Interaction with public authorities and local governments, as well as enterprises, institutions and organizations registered in Ukraine and abroad, with people who have the citizenship of Ukraine, stateless persons and foreigners to provide support for those who need it, as well as  preservation of cultural heritage on the territory of Ukraine.

Why was the charity fund "Traditions and Future" created?

 Charitable organization "International Charitable Foundation" Traditions and Future " provides support in various areas of human activity:

⦁ education, science and research;

⦁ culture and art, protection of cultural heritage;

⦁ legal aid;

⦁ human and civil rights and freedoms;

⦁ social protection, provision, service and poverty reduction;

⦁ health care;

⦁ dissemination of international cooperation.

 Also, the International Charitable Foundation "Traditions and Future" helps to address important issues for all of Ukraine:

 • implementation of programs at all levels (international, state, regional, local), which are aimed at improving the socio-economic situation of the state;

 • protection of cultural heritage and development of educational programs;

 • promoting the protection of the population in emergencies and events.

 The foundation is headed (takes the place of the foundation's president) by Ivan Chebotaryov (lawyer).

2017-2021: what has been done before the foundation of the charity fund?

 The charity organization "International Charitable Foundation" Traditions and Future " officially started working on February 5, 2021. But so far its founders have held a number of events:


Support was provided for a number of international events to visit the village.  Bogdanovka of Domanivka district by various delegations from France, Germany, Turkey, Israel, Serbia, Lithuania, Moldova, USA.  There was also a German delegation led by Heystver Alexei Valentinovich, head of the German Association of Former Prisoners of Concentration Camps and Ghettos, a prisoner of the Kaunas Ghetto, and a professor at the Academy of Historical Sciences.


An alley commemorating the victims of the Holocaust was planted in 2017.  For this purpose, 127 tree saplings and 200 boxwood bushes were purchased at the expense of the International Charitable Foundation "Traditions and Future", memorial plaques were installed on it, 118 feet 1,32 inches long footpath was created, and places for rest (benches) were installed.


During 2017, laptops were purchased at the Bogdanov School to ensure modern education.


During 2018, in order to ensure a decent level of education in Bohdanivska Secondary School, computers were purchased.


In 2018, an excursion to the Holocaust Museum in Odessa (Ukraine) was organized and conducted in the amount of 18 people.


In 2019, the monument to the victims of the Holocaust was protected and restored from acts of vandalism.  At the same time, a person is being investigated for insulting the place of remembrance of the Jews who died.  The victim of vandalism and violation of equality of citizens of Ukraine is represented by a lawyer and at the same time the President of the CO  “ICF “Traditions and Future".


During 2019, restoration works (quarrel, painting, restoration of concrete pavement) were carried out in the square of the Righteous of the World Peter and Christina Blanutsa.


In 2019, a historical - tourist trip to Lviv for 10 people was organized and conducted.


In September 2019 in the village.  Bogdanovka hosted a rally and a round table in memory of the Holocaust victims with the participation of scientists from different countries and diplomatic representatives of Turkey and Israel.


In 2020, residents of the village of Bogdanovka, Domanivka district, Mykolaiv region, were provided with personal protective equipment during quarantine against COVID-19 (600 masks).


In 2020, pulse oximeters were purchased for Bohdanivska Secondary School (3 units) to support the fight against the pandemic and ensure normal learning conditions for rural children.


In December 2020, a unique international round table was held - "Holocaust in Transnistria, restoration of historical memory", with the participation of scientists, journalists, lawyers, public figures and other citizens.


During 2017-2020, school property was replenished in order to improve the appearance of the school grounds in the form of a scythe and a gas blower.


During 2017-2020, students are awarded for academic achievements.

Additional questions and answers about the activities of the charity organization "International Charitable Foundation" Traditions and Future"

Charitable organization refers to non-governmental and non-governmental.  She has a special warmth to children and adults, their problems and goals, because it is in the human resource, our mentality and goals for "tomorrow" is the future of the whole state.  The financial fund of a charitable organization consists of the contributions of its members and individuals who have humanity and a desire to help in a good cause.

Implementation of charitable events of the CO “ ICF "Traditions and Future" is planned throughout Ukraine.  At present the main center of realization of good deeds, social and cultural and educational programs became Nikolaev and the Nikolaev area.

 The main efforts of the team of the CO “ ICF "Traditions and Future" , which is constantly being expanded by new members, are aimed at addressing the following issues:

 • preservation of traditions;

 • protection and restoration of cultural monuments from vandalism and destruction;

 • creating decent conditions for students in Ukrainian schools and out-of-school educational institutions to acquire knowledge in the educational process;

 • providing grants and scholarships to students (mainly those who have chosen a historical direction in education);

 • assistance to low-income children and their families;

 • support for people struggling with serious illnesses (including cancer patients), etc.

In fact, from 2017 until the official founding of the International Charitable Foundation "Traditions and Future" , its future (at that time) members actively and much helped the community of Bogdanovka village of Domanivka district.  All possible assistance was provided to the village school, the villagers, and the memorial to the victims of the Holocaust and the Righteous Among the Nations of the Blanutz family was restored.  And it's not just that. Mitya (Samuel Bykov), one of the founders of the charity foundation, is one of the 127 survivors of the Bogdanov Ghetto, and today he is the President of the New York Association of Holocaust and the Righteous Among the Nations.  The tragedy that befell him here forever bound his heart and soul to this area, and the fact that Samuel Bykov now has American citizenship does not prevent him from sincerely helping the village and its inhabitants.